Saturday, October 8, 2011

A Quick OU/Texas prediction

I was one of the few Aggies to predict t.u. would start 4-0. Well, they did, thanks to a comically easy schedule in September. One reason I thought they'd win their first four, including two games against opponents that beat them last year, was that last year's losses were usually caused by turnovers, and the law of averages said that t.u. wouldn't have such bad luck two years in a row. Not to say their losses last year were due to luck alone- they were a terrible offensive team- but they weren't as bad a team as their record suggested. Well, as I guessed, the turnovers have gone Bevo's way this year, and they're undefeated.  For now.

I also predicted that after the hot start, OU and OSU would demolish t.u., sending them to an eventual 7,8 or 9 (if they get REALLY lucky) win season. Well, slaughter day is upon the sips. Good for them for improving (brick by brick, if you have never watched ESPN), but despite their ridiculous 10/11 ranking, they are nowhere near ready to beat a team like OU.

Of course anything can happen, but I'll say right now that if t.u. somehow wins, it would be an EPIC upset. OU is favored by about 10 in Vegas, but I just can't see the sips keeping it that close. I'm predicting 42-17.

Ill write about the A&M game this afternoon.

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