Wednesday, November 2, 2011

A&M-Mizzou pictures

So I rented a super fancy, expensive camera lens that I can't afford to buy and brought it to the A&M-Mizzou game last Saturday. This was a Canon 100-400 mm lens, L series. I have always been into sports photography, and so for this game I bought tickets in the end zone bleachers to try to get some good shots. Here are the best ones.

 I like the gentle caress of Lamothe's hiney by Fuller in this next one:

 Got lucky with this picture, as you can see exactly where Tanny is throwing it:

 This, and the cropped version following, would have been so much better if not for the people behind Cyrus in the picture. He would have stood out against the concrete but kind of disappears with the maroon background:

 This one is cool:

 Fuller looks like a giant compared to the little corner:

 And to prove his giant-ness, he sat on him:

 Here's a sequence with Swope, from snap to catch:

 Hate to include this, but these last ones are the game winning touchdown by Mizzou:

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