Friday, June 24, 2011

NBA Draft and the Snakefarm

Scattershooting a few random topics here...

NBA draft thoughts. Ok I don't really have that many, but I was happy for Kyrie Irving. I like him, basically for no other reason than because even though he chose to play for Duke, he almost played for A&M. He was the top recruit in the country, and on decision day he actually put an A&M hat and a Duke hat on the table before choosing the Duke hat. I don't know how much it helped A&M's perception in the eyes of other recruits, but it certainly didn't hurt. And in the last month now, Texas A&M has hosted on its campus arguably the best group of basketball recruits in school history. It doesn't mean all (or any) of them will sign with A&M, but it certainly means that A&M's profile in the college basketball world is increasing. And I like to think Kyrie Irving played a role, however small, in that. And because of that, I root for him. Here's hoping he has a solid career.

In musical news, has anyone ever heard the song "Snake Farm" by Ray Wylie Hubbard? Well I hadn't until last night. I heard some other awful band do a cover of it, and I like to think I'm open-minded when it comes to music, but man, that is the worst song I've ever heard. Who knows, maybe that's what they were going for when they wrote it, one of those songs that's so bad that it actually is awesome (like Rock Star by Nickleback, or The Star Spangled Banner), and I'm sure some people feel that way about it, but I just can't get there. It's just bad. Here's the actual chorus: "Snake farm, it just sounds nasty, snake farm, it pretty much is, snake farm, it's a reptile house!" That's it. No, really, that's it.

Jason and I were listening and immediately appalled at the badness of this song. The good news is it led to several minutes of awful jokes about what their other songs are like:

"Catfish farm, it just sounds watery, catfish farm, it pretty much is, catfish farm, it's a pond full of fish!"

"Butterfly pavilion, it just sounds peaceful, butterfly pavilion, it pretty much is, butterfly pavilion, it's a big mesh tent!"

"Salamander ranch, they're like snakes with tiny legs, salamander ranch, it's pretty darn icky, salamander ranch, it's near the snake farm!"

"Scrapbooking store, it just sounds precious, scrapbooking store, it pretty much is, scrapbooking store, they sell paper and glue!"

If you're not laughing at least a little, well, we can't be friends (I take my bad jokes that seriously), and it might be because you don't have the chorus and the rhythm in your head. It's definitely funnier if you sing our jokes to the music with a gravely voice and funny scowl on your face. Most jokes are like that though.

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